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Obèl offers a beautiful selection of bridal wear for the cool and modern bride. Dresses, separates and accessories from contemporary designers from all over the world. Expect minimalistic, effortless and fashionable pieces. Choosing a bridal dress is something special. Obèl wants to make this experience of fitting unique and unforgettable. After working for almost 15 years for radio and television, it was time for founder Stefanie to take the leap and start this dream Obèl. With her sense of style and kind spirit, she will make all brides feel comfortable and beautiful. She will assist you to put together the perfect outfit for your wedding day.
Stefanie Verhelst


When should I start looking for my wedding dress?

We recommend that you start shopping 9 to 12 months before your wedding day. This ensures you won’t feel rushed to make this special decision. Depending on the designer, it takes around 6 months until your dress is made, and then you should add around 2 months for possible alterations. The best time to place your order is 8 to 10 months ahead of your date. But don’t worry if you have less time, most designers offer an express service for a fee. Please contact us if you have extra questions on this topic.

Do I need an appointment? And how does an appointment work at Obèl?

Yes, our store is by appointment only. This way we can offer you a personal and relaxed fitting experience. You can try as many outfits as you want during the 1,5 hour fitting. We are pleased to guide you trough the collection and help you to find the outfit that matches your own style and personality. If there is a perfect match, first of all: congratulations! We will now take your measurements and order the dress from the designer in the closest size to your measurements. We will also make an appointment for a second fitting when your dress is delivered.

What should I bring to my appointment?

We recommend you to wear seamless and skin-colored underwear to your appointment. If you already have shoes and accessories for your wedding, please feel free to bring them with you. We also request not to wear heavy make-up, so that our beautiful garments remain white.

How many people can I take with me to the appointment?

We are very happy to welcome you and up to 3 loved ones. But we recommend you to not bring more than 3 people. More people can make the decision more difficult. However, if you really want to bring more people, please let us know in advance.

What sizes does Obèl have to try on?

Obèl wants to be a bridal store for all women, no matter how they feel or what size they are. The majority of our samples range from EU 38 - 42. But don’t worry if your sizing doesn’t sit within this range. We have lots of creative ways to ensure you can experience the look of your desired dress. Once you would like to order your outfit, our designers can accommodate any size, including split sizing.

What is the price range for the wedding dresses?

Our dresses and separates are all made to order. The average price range sits between 2.200 euros and 3.500 euros. Please note that costs for alterations are not included. For this we work with the best tailors to ensure your outfit fits to perfection.

How can I pay at Obèl?

At Obèl we only accept electronic payments (debit or credit card). We require a 60% deposit at the time of your order. The remaining 40% can be paid at your second fitting.